In an Emergency

1. During working hours please contact our rooms on (02) 6282 3848
2. Your surgeon either Dr Hyam or Dr Witherspoon can be contacted via The Canberra Hospital switchboard at all times – call (02) 6244 2222.
3. If you have a genuine medical emergency, proceed directly to the emergency department at The Canberra Hospital or call 000

If you have bleeding following the surgical removal of teeth:

1. Apply firm pressure to the tooth socket using a piece of rolled up clean gauze.
2. Place the gauze over the socket and bite firmly without releasing the pressure for 30 mins.
3. If the pressure does not reduce the bleeding, or the bleeding persists after two to three 30 minute attempts, please contact Dr Hyam via the rooms or Canberra Hospital.

If you have pain:

If you have pain in the first 72 hours after your procedure follow this link.
If you have pain in a dental socket more than 72 hours after a procedure you may be developing a ‘dry socket’. Please contact the rooms to arrange an early review appointment.