Dentoalveolar Surgery


Dentoalveolar Surgery is the surgery on the tooth bearing part of the jaws, usually to remove a tooth or tooth fragment. This surgery is usually requested by your general dentist to assist in the overall maintenance of your dental health.

What does the surgery involve?

Dentoalveolar surgery can range from a relatively simple procedure that can be performed under local anaesthetic, through to relatively complex surgery requiring a general anaesthetic. Dr Hyam will discuss the dentoalveolar surgery you require at the time of your consultation and tailor a plan to suit your needs.

How long do I need off work or school?

Every patient recovers differently from surgery. As a general rule it will take up to 7 days to recover from your procedure and Dr Hyam’s team will make sure you have the appropriate certificates to verify your condition.

What are the risks of surgery?

When you consult with Dr Hyam he will discuss the relative risks and benefits of any proposed procedures. Every procedure has risks and these risks are always balanced against your individual needs and treatment requirements.